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Guelph Organic Farmers

Searching for organic farmers, growers and producers in Guelph area? If yes, look no further. Organic farmers directory offers listings of organic farmers who specialize in farming and producing organic beef, chicken, lamb, pork, pork, turkey, veal, other meats, milk, apples, bananas, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, other fruits, bean, coffee, corn, tomato and other vegetables.

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List Of Organic Farmers and Farms in Guelph:

MAPLETON'S ORGANIC DAIRY - Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Mapleton’s Organic Dairy is a family owned and operated farm. We raise and care for the cows that supply the milk for our delicious ice cream, frozen yogurt, and fresh yogurt. Besides a dairy herd, we also raise young dairy animals, a flock of laying hens to supply eggs for our ice cream, and pigs for organic pork. In the summer we raise grain-fed, free-range chickens and turkeys. All the feed for the animals is grown here on our farm and the manure they provide is used (after composting) to...
Specializes in farming: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Milk
Ignatius Farm provides fresh, local, organic fruits and vegetables to our surrounding community through our Community Shared Agriculture program, to restaurants, and through special orders. Located at the northern perimeter of Guelph, we bridge the 'urban-rural divide' and invite you to visit and get involved with your local farm. We grow over 60 types of vegetables, strawberries, & apples, and are expanding the diversity of our crops annually. Connect with Ignatius Farm for: • Winter and...
Specializes in farming: Apple, Strawberry, Vegetables (Other)
DRUMLIN FARM - Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Drumlin Farm is a private farm of 78 acres located just a few kilometres south-east of Guelph about 60 kilometres west of Toronto just north of the 401. In the last few years the farm has been in transition from being leased out to a large commercial operation to a market garden organic farm. At present, the farming operation is vegetable rotations, with a new patch of strawberries and raspberries. We have our first, small flock of Chantecler chickens; the emphasis is on heritage varieties,...
Specializes in farming: Fruits (Other), Tomato, Chicken, Strawberry, Bean, Grains and Seeds, Vegetables (Other)
Guelph Organic Farmers Directory is one of the fastest growing organic farming resource on the web which provides users with detailed information about local organic and bio farmers who produce and supply organic food, vegetables, fruits, meats and other produce to organic food distributors or local organic stores. Browse our directory to select best organic farmer for your needs.

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